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Iridium Maritime from Albion-IT

The only truly global mobile satellite voice and data solution with complete coverage of the earth (including the polar regions). Therefore, Iridium is ideally suited for the maritime industry.

The Iridium constellation is the largest in the world, with 66 low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites operating as a fully meshed network. Iridium offers flexible billing and flat rates for calls from anywhere to anywhere on earth.

Require Tracking? Safety @ Sea? Handheld Device or with Dock? IP Network?   - Iridium may have the answers

Iridium Pilot is a product you would expect from the company that commands the world's furthest reaching mobile voice and data communications network.

Durable: Built to withstand any conditions at sea.

Reliable: Engineered to perform in any conditions. Iridium Pilot keeps you connected when you most need it.

Powered by Iridium OpenPort broadband service: For ships large and small, the Iridium OpenPort broadband service offers highly reliable broadband voice and data communications priced to fit any budget. Connected to the world's largest and only truly global commercial communication network, providing pole-to-pole coverage for ships at sea, it works everywhere on the planet.

ASE ComCenter II: Maritime Unit The ComCenter IIG / Outdoor is a feature-rich data and voice unit for the Iridium network that saves time and money in materials and installation. There is no longer a need to run multiple cables for voice & data. This all-in-one, all weather unit only requires one cable, so you are up and running in no time. Now with GPS.
Beam Communications has developed a packaged solution to ensure that communication is not broken down or lost when all power or communication equipment on board a vessel has been cut off or destroyed.
Albion-IT offer a range of BEAM Communication products to support Iridium based installations. The pole mount active antenna RST710 is designed for maritime based applications. Capable of working in harsh environments and with a wide range of Iridium based devices the RST710 is a great example of BEAM's comprehensive range. 

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