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Value Added Services

Albion-IT is constantly working to enhance our extensive portfolio of communication technologies with a comprehensive suite of value-added products and services offering freedom to communicate on your own terms - to tailor your business communications to your unique needs, not the other way around.

AmosConnect integrates e-mail, fax, telex and GSM text into a single messaging system. This user-friendly and yet highly sophisticated solution can be tailored to meet your needs for mobile connectivity from small yachts to large fleets of commercial vessels.

AmosConnect Crew
Staying in touch with home has never been easier, thanks to the new all-in-one AmosConnect Crew. Combining two industry-leading services?AmosConnect and ChatCard?this extremely convenient service also offers huge benefits to ship managers.

AmosConnect eNOA/D
AmosConnect NOA/D-USCG software makes it easy for your vessels to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard requirements for electronic submission of Notices Of Arrival and Departure (e-NOA/D).

Connect Messaging
The Connect Messaging Service enables users to send shore-to-ship messages by E-mail or from a webpage. The platform converts the message into whatever format is preferred by the vessel: fax, telex or e-mail. The WebConnect online service also logs all messages that are sent via MailConnect.

Making sure your crew and staff can stay in touch with family and friends at home is a tried and tested means of boosting morale and a vital tool in retaining critical personnel. Now there is an easy and cost effective way to achieve this, with Stratos ChatCard?an easy-to-use, prepaid calling card for Inmarsat services.

Albion-IT Dashboard
Albion-IT's Dashboard offers a full range of cost and traffic control capabilities to manage your Global SIM card services, through a convenient, web-based portal.

Albion-IT Global SIM
Albion-IT Global SIM service is a convenient (mobile cell/shore-to-ship) voice service that can help you control your satellite communication costs. All calls appear on one monthly statement, streamlining your accounting and simplifying tracking of your accounts. Using this service cost allocation can be split easily per company department or per vessel, depending on your requirements.


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